Electronics Alliance A/Asia is a distributor / wholesaler of electronic components and was established in 2000 as the OEM division of WES Alliance Pty Ltd offering our customers a more personalised technical service support.

WES Alliance Pty Ltd has been supplying the electronic service industry with components and finished products for the pass 25 years and our offices / warehouse facilities are based in Ashfield NSW.

Electronics Alliance specialises in dealing direct with our customerís engineers to solve custom made components together with our affiliated companies in China or Taiwan, we also offer plastic injection tooling facilities from our factory in China for any custom made plastic enclosure you might require at extremely competitive prices.

Our technical sales department has extended knowledge in the field of surge protection components / products and we carry a vast range of stock on the followings:

Electrolytic capacitors, metallized capacitors (including X2 type), full range of DC Fans, metal Oxide Varistors (up to 120KA), Gas arresters (up to 500KA) and Poly fuses (high voltage & low voltage type) just to name a few. Our wide range of passive components assures you a one stop source for all your surge protection components and products that you might require.  

  Electronic Alliance distributes the following brands of products:  

  JAMICON ..... Electrolytic capacitors.  


  FACO ........... Metallized polyester and polypropylene type capacitors from Europe.


  CERAMICA.... DC fans with ceramic bearings with a 300,000 hrs life span.  


  THUNDER....... Resistors, Monitors & Mini PC's .


  HITECH.......... Metal oxide varistors (MOV’s), flame proof MOV’s, HV arresters, Gas arresters,. 
      reset-able poly fuse and Surge Protection Devices (SPD’s)

Please contact us today for any further information or prices you might require on any of our products.