At Electronic Alliance we do more than just supply you with most of your components need. We also specialise in plastic injection moulding and manufacturing plastic products for a wide range of applications via our affiliated factory in Ningbo China, offering prices extremely competitive with quick turnaround lead times. We are a genuine one stop solution company for your new or current product designs.   



Our plastic moulding factory in China offers a comprehensive in-house service for both product and mould design. Our factory’s technical capabilities, combined with our CAD/CAM and CNC equipment enable us to build quality moulding tools for close tolerance components, whether from single or multiple cavities. Our technology ensures customers receive a fast, flexible and highly accurate service at extremely competitive prices.

Our toolmaking department has a highly skilled workforce that is able to offer customers a complete tooling package - from tool design, to production of the tool, to component sampling to be completed within short lead times.


As custom injection moulders we process a wide range of plastic resins including engineering materials such as polycarbonates, nylons, acrylics, polyurethanes, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) etc. and where applicable UV stabilised materials are used to withstand different environmental conditions.

Whether you need plastic injection moulded product design, mould / die design or the subsequent plastic injection moulding itself, Electronic Alliance is extremely experienced in guiding clients through the maze of design and developmental issues to ensure a smooth passage from initial concept through to final product.


Some of the key benefits of dealing with Electronic Alliance for your tooling / Plastic requirements include:

    • Very low cost
    • Quick turn around time for mould and production.
    • Tool maintenance is provided free for the life of the job.

As part of our quality assurance when the manufacture of your injection mould tool has been completed, a series of trials will proceed. After the trialling process, we will provide you with off-tool samples of your product for your final approval and testing.  The process is then completed and ready for manufacture.

If your project is in the concept stage, or even ready for manufacture Electronic Alliance will deliver the right result for you and your business at an affordable price.  


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